Curse of Strahd

Session 9 - Kaelicgos' Letter

Dear Vindicator Runeglide,

I will be brief as it is not wise to spend a large amount of time on a message while our location is not secure and I am unsure if this message is reaching the desired recipient. We found the remains of several of the family members in the house including those of the children. This time though the children showed no knowledge of our previous engagements and did not seem sinister in their intentions although I will continue to keep a close eye on them if their demeanor does change.

As we continued through the house we started to find clues that showed that the town and this family in particular have been terrorized by an evil necromantic cult where membership was required of the townsfolk even if they did not agree with its practices. We fought our way through the house and eventually into the catacombs that extend underneath the town. There is a vast network of tunnels and traps that connect the houses in the town where the cult carries out its nefarious deeds.

This is where I wish to conclude my update as we are currently engaged in our righteous crusade to eradicate the evil that plagues this town.

As always I shall keep you informed of our proceedings,
Chevall Kaelicgos


DMCain DMCain

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